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Always a tailor-made machine

‘Building your future’ is the short and sweet motto of Weterings. We do this by supplying machines that you can use to your full potential. These can be standard machines that are already perfectly suited to your needs. These can be machines that we modify especially for you. And they can be custom machines, which we develop for you from A to Z. Whichever way you look at it, you will always get a machine that fits like a glove. No limits, just wishes; the trademark of Weterings Machinery.

Weterings makes real work of your customisation

Your custom machine is not only in good, but in many hands at Weterings. Calculations and drawings are made in the R&D department, production and assembly in the Construction department and adjustment and testing in the Electrical department. High-tech innovations are combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship. And everything is recorded in black and white in the Technical Construction File that comes standard with every custom machine.

Ready for the future

Weterings custom machines distinguish themselves on several fronts. They are indestructible and excel in functionality and reliability. Moreover, they already have one foot in the future. In other words: prepared from top to bottom to grow with you. More capacity, an extra function, more ease of operation… A Weterings machine is ready for it.

Thinkers, devisers and inventors

Thinking, devising and inventing, that's what Weterings is all about. In addition to custom machines, this results in technologies that benefit the entire sector. Revolutionary machines that make work faster, lighter and better. Some examples:

Top Spin aerial work platform

Donkey electrotractor

WCR electric hose reel

ACE-roller for anything and everything

Bio Chopper (Electric) crop chopper

Bio Hopper crop rotation machine

Nibbi milling machine

Multiroller foliage, cloth and film remover

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