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Weterings unburdens

Weterings machines often last for generations. It that is for good reason. We build them with the highest quality or select them from the best brands. Moreover, Weterings continues to take care of them. Our service specialists know your machine inside out. And they are always ready to provide you with periodic maintenance, repairs, overhauls, expansions and support. Weterings is also your address for VA and SKL inspections. In short: Weterings offers more than just machines. Assurance without worries.

One address for your mandatory machine inspections

Weterings Machinery is one of the few companies in the Netherlands where you can go for both VA and SKL inspections. That unburdens you as well: one certified address for both inspections. We have qualified inspectors who can take a lot of time and hassle off your hands. They inspect, certify and inform you in good time about the next inspection date. This way, you eliminate the risk of fines and you can always rely on safe and properly functioning equipment.

One less worry: vehicle security

A lot of work equipment, such as shovels and forklift trucks, is often left unattended and unprotected at the worksite. Theft of such equipment is becoming increasingly common. A good vehicle security system can prevent a lot of misery. Weterings Machinery is a certified installation company for the installation and certification of SCM anti-theft systems. For your insurer, the certificate is proof of a properly functioning security system.

Need specific parts? Your business continuity is our concern. That is why we have all important machine parts in stock.

Dealer of the best brands

Weterings doesn’t need to build good machines that already exist. But they are in our range. We are independent dealers of the best machine manufacturers in the most diverse sectors. Each machine receives the Weterings 'Top Product' designation and the care and attention of Weterings throughout its service life.

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