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Weterings then

Even as a child, farmer's son Henk Weterings was repairing his father's machines. And over the years, those of more and more neighbours, farmers and gardeners as well. This resulted in the founding of Weterings Mechanisatie in 1940. Not an easy time, but convenience was not what drove him. Looking for solutions to technical problems, that was his motivation. And developing new techniques. Weterings Mechanisatie quickly grew into an undisputed specialist in the field of mobile agricultural and horticultural machinery. And another business was added: Weterings Plastics, specialised in plastic products for agricultural applications.

Weterings now

Weterings now is a modern company that is fully committed to mechanics and electronics. The Plastics division was transferred to new specialists some time ago. And Weterings Mechanisatie was renamed to Weterings Machinery in 2020. What remains is the driving force from then: solving technical problems and making difficult jobs easy. We do this as an official dealer of the best machine brands. And especially as a developer of custom machines and innovator of new techniques. High quality and punctual service are and will remain our spearheads. Many other sectors besides agriculture and horticulture have also found their way to Weterings.

We build /

Quality machinery that lasts

Built to last. That applies to our machines and to Weterings itself. After all, we've been around since 1940. At first under a different name, but always with the same mission: making indestructible machines! It is literally and figuratively in the DNA of our family business.

We innovate /

For your future needs

Weterings Machinery wants to build on the future of your company. Our machines are all growth diamonds. In other words: prepared from top to bottom to grow with you. More capacity, an extra function… A Weterings machine is ready for it.

We engineer /

Custom solutions just for you

Machines that adapt to you. Those are the best. They make work lighter, faster and better. That's why we like to build our machines together with you, so that they fit perfectly with your methods. Customised functionality, safety and convenience. No limits, just wishes.

We cherish /

The inventor legacy of our founder

Henk Weterings started the company in 1940. Not the easiest time to build a new future. But he had a plan: work with heart and soul on quality, reliability and service! That plan is still in effect. The strength of Weterings Machinery.

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