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Scm anti-theft protection for work equipment

Anti-theft protection for your tractor, excavator, wheel loader or agricultural and horticultural machine is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Weterings Machinery is a KIWA SCM-certified CCV vehicle security installation company. We can install Class W1 and Class W2 immobilisers in work equipment. We also provide the associated certifications and perform mandatory periodic inspections.

Did you know that Weterings also performs VA and SKL inspections? Everything under one roof, how convenient is that!

Want to know more about securing your work equipment?

A lot of work equipment, including tractors and shovels, is left open and exposed at work or in the yard. In the Netherlands, this leads to hundreds of thefts and millions of euros in damages every year. A simple solution is to have an immobiliser installed. This is an electronic safety device which prevents the vehicle from being driven away quickly under its own power.

A few details

With an immobiliser installed by Weterings Machinery, your vehicle is fully protected according to the requirements of insurance companies.

Protection class W1 or W2
Double blocking circuits
Automatic activation
Unlock with pin code or tag
LED indication

Class W1 or Class W2

Partly depending on your insurance, you can choose either Class W1 or Class W2 protection. Class W1 offers a theft resistance of at least five minutes, while Class W2 offers a resistance of at least fifteen minutes. Weterings Machinery is a certified installation company and advises you on the possibilities without obligation. For more information you can use the form above, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +31 (0)174 - 416 481.

Certificaat SCM Kiwa 2024

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