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Chalking - Coating - Cleaning

Chalking, coating and cleaning greenhouses are jobs for contracting and spraying companies. Professionals who know their stuff. That is why we build all our KCR systems together with professionals. The result is a series of powerful pump sets and cleaning units that have also found their way into the industry.

Fuel Pump Unit

The diesel-driven pump units of Weterings fall in the higher power class (from 15 kW). They are mainly used for cleaning jobs that require a lot of water and a lot of pressure. For example, the interior hosing down of a disinfected greenhouse roof. The units are built to order, so that they can be fully tailored to specific uses. The same applies to the (no less powerful) mobile diesel pump sets. In addition to the professional cleaning companies, more and more nurseries have started to purchase their own pump set in recent years.

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Customisation wishes? read all about the extensive customisation options.

Hydra-Cell Pumpset

A Hydra-Cell pump set is distinguished by its wear-resistant diaphragm pump and extremely long life. In addition to chalking and cleaning, you can also use it to disinfect thoroughly. The material composition of the pump components can be optimally matched to the use of products such as Flusol-Forte, GS-4 or Carborundum. Furthermore, the Hydra-Cell pump set is equipped as standard with a frequency regulator and a pressure sensor, with which the system is continuously kept at the set pressure. You can choose from various aggregates, reel sets and mixing tanks.

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PTO Pump Unit

Our PTO pump sets are also in the higher power class. They are of course a lot more compact, but just as powerful as the diesel-powered units. You can therefore use them for the same tasks, provided, of course, that you have a separate power source. The Weterings PTOs fit on the hitch of almost any tractor, where they can be directly coupled to the PTO shaft. A PTO pump set is almost always built to measure. You can choose from various plunger and diaphragm pumps, reels, tanks and you name it. A trailer model can also be built if desired.

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Tank, Agitator & Mixing Units

Chalking, coating and cleaning starts with filling, agitating and mixing. That requires a tank big enough for the job and small enough for the car. And preferably with all technical conveniences as well. You have come to the right place at Weterings Machinery. Our tank, agitator & mixing units are fully custom made. Both literally and figuratively. As many compartments as you need, an automatic mixing system, an integrated barrel cleaner for your chalk buckets, remote control via your smartphone… The possibilities are endless.

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Hydraulic Hose Reel Units

With the hydraulic hose reels, Weterings shows that functionality and customisation are a perfect combination. The unit shown here is specially designed for spraying, chalking and cleaning greenhouses. There are three stainless steel reels for different hose thicknesses and lengths. All three are driven by an electric hydraulic unit for the benefit of compactness. And all three are equipped with a freewheel for ease of use. The roll-up speed is electronically controlled and infinitely adjustable. Do you want to know more about the customisation options of Weterings? Then please call +31 (0)174 416481.

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Mobile Cleaning Units

A complete spray cart with everything needed to carry out your cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. At least, you decide how complete it is, but the possibilities are virtually unlimited. The mobile cleaning units of Weterings are designed to be completely independent. With tank, with reel, with high-pressure pump, integrated barrel cleaner… You can even choose a petrol engine for more application options. As complete and compact as they are, they really deserve a place in every nursery.

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A machine that fits in perfectly with your working methods. Customised efficiency, convenience, safety and functionality. You make a machine like that together. You and Weterings Machinery!

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Testing & certification

Weterings Machinery is a certified station for performing SKL and VA inspections. If you call us in time, it can be taken care of on the same day. Even at your location.

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A Weterings machine should always work. So we both build and maintain them. You don't even need to call for periodic checks. And for emergency service, we'll be right with you.

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