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A simple device that saves you a lot of work. This is how you could describe the ACE-Roller from Weterings. Particularly in the greenhouse horticulture sector, it is a great source of labour reduction. Cables, wires, substrates, drainage hoses, foils, screen cloths… It rolls them up tightly for you and turns it into the smallest possible package. The slightly heavier ACE-Roller XL is ideally suited for extending and retracting AC films and screen cloths.

The ACE-Roller / How a simple idea can be a great success

Made for your convenience

The ACE-Roller is made entirely for convenience. With just a handful of buttons, it's easy to operate. The conical core allows the rolled up material to be removed easily. For convenience at a distance, there is an optional remote control. And thanks to the direct transmission, the machine is also easy to maintain. What's more: the ACE-Roller is virtually maintenance free.

Solid on its rollers, tyres or wheels

The ACE-Roller is designed as standard for use on pipe rail systems from 425 to 600 mm wide (centre to centre). For wider systems (up to 800 mm), the unit offers an optional feature. The stability of the ACE-Roller is guaranteed either way. The pipe rail locking system ensures that it stands securely on its rollers. By the way, with the ACE-Rollers from Weterings, you can also choose pneumatic tyres or fixed wheels. The ACE-Roller comes standard with swivel wheels.

Ideal for screen installers

Screen installers have also discovered the possibilities of the ACE-Roller. The XL version in particular is perfect for removing, renovating and installing climate screens. The XL has a stronger transmission for this purpose, which enables it to retract a section of 200 metres in just a few minutes. Optional with the ACE-Roller XL is a smart power limiter. This allows the machine to stop immediately if the screen fabric (or AC film) gets caught somewhere.

Who knows better how the ACE-Roller works than those who work with it?

Uittrekken van schermdoek

Oprollen of verwijderen van AC folie

Uittrekken en oprollen van anti-condens folie

A few details in a row

The ACE-Roller offers you workload reduction and labour savings. Especially with crop rotations and screen jobs in greenhouse horticulture.

Adjustable for different pipe rail sizes
Low maintenance
Pipe rail locking mechanism
Overload protection
Infinitely adjustable winding speed
Compact design
Various options available
Expandable by customer specification

They choose the ACE Roller

A1 Group
Huisman Scherming
John Snoek Glastuinbouwtechniek
Peter Dekker Installaties
Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

You can choose between a small and a large one. But they're both great

The ACE-Roller is a simple device, which is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to choose. For advice on the various options and accessories, you can always call us.

ACE Roller
ACE Roller XL
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