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Crop Clearing Machines

Crop clearing machines are an essential part of (greenhouse) horticulture. The undisputed market leader in this field is the Bio Hopper. A typical Weterings machine that excels in durability and safety. And it cleans out everything that needs to be cleared out: the most diverse crops, substrates, ground covers and plastics. The Bio Hopper is available in various basic models, which differ in terms of drive technology.

The Bio Hopper XL / Clears out everything that needs to be cleared out

The most versatile

One of the most versatile Hoppers is the Bio Hopper XL. In terms of drive, you can choose between an electric version and a PTO version. You can also choose from various options, such as lighting and reinforced transport mats. The XL also excels in simplicity. Two control levers are sufficient to do the job: one to roll up the transport mat and one to adjust it.

The smartest

The Bio Hopper XL's conveyor belt is fitted with robust carriers as standard, which means that even short, bulky crops can be cleared without difficulty (e.g. strawberry plants in pots). The clever use of steel cross pins makes the belt insensitive to damage. Besides the standard XL there is also an XL Plus 750. This has a 750 mm longer conveyor belt, so that larger containers can be used as well.

The safest

Safety is an important item in the machines of Weterings. Including for the Bio Hopper XL. For example, safety sensors are fitted all around the machine and safety doors ensure that the input is completely shielded. The control panels are also fitted with emergency stop buttons, just to be on the safe side. In addition, the control of the hydraulic system is proportional. This means that the Bio Hopper XL never makes abrupt movements and always moves smoothly.

They can tell you even more about the Bio Hopper XL

Bio Hopper XL ingezet in een komkommer kwekerij

Cleaning out tomato leaf in greenhouse

Uitruimen van kokos substraat

A few details in a row

One of the greats among the Hoppers: the Bio Hopper XL. The most complete crop clearing machine for (greenhouse) horticulture.

Suitable for long, short and voluminous crops
Capacity up to 7500 m2/hour
Long conveyor belt (larger collection containers possible)
Transport mat guidance
Also available fully electric
Low maintenance and easy to maintain
Developed according to strict safety guidelines
Various options available
Expandable by customer specification

They choose the Bio Hopper

Bakker Seed Productions
De Lindenborg
Frucht Janssen
Killbush Nurseries
Kwekerij Kaljouw
Pippel Bramen
Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

Weterings has a whole series of Bio Hoppers. Want to know which one is best for you?

The Bio Hopper is available in various models. For vegetable growers, soft fruit growers, contractors, flower and plant growers… Please do not hesitate to contact us for well-considered advice.

Bio Hopper XL
Bio Hopper XLE
Bio Hopper Compact EXT
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