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Crop shredders

Above all, a crop shredder must be safe. At the Bio Choppers of Weterings, safety comes first. In addition, they are user-friendly, of high quality and extremely reliable. So it's not surprising that you'll find the Bio Chopper all over the world. In addition to a PTO version, there are various self-propelled models, which mainly differ in capacity and dimensions. There is also an all-electric version.

The Bio Chopper Compact TCF03 / Great in chopping horticultural crops

Large capacity

The Bio Chopper Compact was specially developed for 'own use' by growers. It is easy to handle and offers a large capacity. Depending on the crop, between 2500 and 5000 square metres per hour. With its clever auger technique, the Compact can handle both long and short crops. Tomato, cucumber, pepper, strawberry… And it shreds it to as much as 20% of its original volume. Includes binding materials and coconut substrates. Talk about efficient.

Safety first

In terms of safety, nothing is left to chance with the Bio Chopper Compact. The machine is designed and built according to the strictest guidelines in this field. This means that the machine cannot be switched on until the protective cage around the infeed has been folded out. And for added security, a sensor bar is fitted to the cage that will stop the machine at the slightest touch. A built-in double-channel safety circuit ensures that the Bio Chopper Compact also provides maximum safety for service technicians.

Always on edge

The blades of a crop shredder should of course be sharpened regularly. Thanks to its automatic slip system, the Bio Chopper Compact does this in no time at all. A frequently chosen option for the Compact is 'metal detection'. This prevents iron objects from damaging the blades. This means the Bio Chopper Compact is not only safe for you, but also for itself. And when it comes to maintenance, the shredding unit is hydraulically opened so that you can access everything quickly and safely.

Compact and powerful

Its name says it all: the Bio Chopper Compact is quite compact. A tight spot on the concrete path tends to be enough. Even with the drainpipe, you have absolute freedom in terms of space. It swivels 360 degrees and has decent blowing power. This way, it can blow out crop chippings over large distances and completely fill large containers, trucks or trailers.

Want to know how the Bio Chopper Compact TFC03 works? The experience experts will tell you.

Features Super Chopper Compact

Shredding tomato plants Super Chopper Compact

Shredding strawberry berries plant and coir

Shredding tomato plants Bio Chopper Compact

A few details in a row

Are you a grower thinking about having your own crop shredder? Then the Bio Chopper Compact by Weterings is the ideal machine. It is suitable for long and short crops, has a lot to offer and asks very little.

Easy to move and operate
Suitable for long and short crops
Capacity up to 5000 m2/hour
Standard automatic blade sharpening system
Drain pipe swivels 360 degrees
Maintenance friendly
Developed according to strict safety guidelines
Various options (e.g. metal detection and remote control)
Expandable by customer specification

They choose the Bio Chopper

Hall Hunter
JS Ewers
Landbouw Ranches
Meier Gemüse
Reiter Affiliated Companies
Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

Various Bio Chopper models. Want to know which one is best for you?

The Bio Chopper offers you a choice of various self-propelled models, a PTO model and a fully electrically driven machine. Want to know which one is best for you? Please call us for advice without obligation or to discuss the possibilities of customised solutions.

Bio Chopper Compact TI530
Bio Chopper Compact TI530
Super Chopper Compact HI550-620
Super Chopper Compact HI550-620
Bio Chopper PTO
Bio Chopper PTO Crop Shredder
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