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Electric Tractors

The Donkey electric tractors of Weterings are silent and revealing at the same time. Silent, because you don't hear them. And revealing, because you can see at a glance how good they are. It radiates quality, so to speak. The Donkeys of Weterings excel in simplicity, but belong to the best in the world. They are available with different voltage battery packs and HF battery charger.

The Donkey series / They quietly do their work, but in the meantimeā€¦

Stylish and indestructible

The Donkey is everywhere now. In horticultural companies, packaging areas, factory hallsā€¦ But also at airports, for example, where it likes to be among people. That's why we at Weterings paid a lot of attention to its appearance. The Donkey has no plastic caps that can break, crack or discolour. But an indestructible frame of 15 mm thick steel with rock-hard 2K spray paint. It'll stay tight, fresh and fruity for the rest of its life.

Smallest possible turning radius

Its solid steel frame makes the Donkey extra heavy and therefore extra strong. And partly because of its weight it can tow up to 4000 kg. The Donkey brakes automatically on the electric motor, but there is also a mechanical brake for extra safety when driving with heavy loads. The Donkey is sturdy and strong, yet compact and manoeuvrable. The Donkey allows you to make effortless right-angled steering movements and the smallest possible turning radius.

For indoors and outdoors

As a good electric tractor should, the Donkey does its work quietly, which is nice for indoor jobs. But did you know that the Donkey also feels perfectly at home outdoors? With its high ground clearance and differential on the rear wheel drive, it finds its way effortlessly over uneven or swampy terrains. And for those who want to do it in the dark, front and rear lights are optional. As well as all the tow and hitch hooks you need to get the job done.

Who knows better how the donkey pulls than those who pull it

Intern transport in tuinbouw kassen

Donkey electric tow truck

Features Donkey elektro trekker

A few details in a row

To excel in simplicity and yet be complete. In short, the Donkey electric puller from Weterings is a machine for which every last detail has been considered.

Compact and robust
Completely constructed from steel
High ground clearance
Minimum turning radius
Rear wheel drive with differential
Towing force up to 4,000 kg
Infinitely adjustable driving speed
Self-adjusting drum brakes and parking brake on rear wheels
Available with various pulling and coupling hooks
Different voltage battery packs with HF battery charger

They choose the Donkey

Baas Kwekerij
Hendriks Young Plants
IJzelenberg Plants
P van de Haak Handelskwekerij
Peter van Os
Van Schie Lelies
Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

Are you looking for a silent force to pull the cart? Wetering has several candidates for it

The Donkey electric tractor was developed for moving Danish carts, auction carts, baggage carts, etc. Weterings also developed a stand-up version of the Donkey and a spray scooter for pulling watering hoses.

Donkey STU-22
Donkey STU-22
Donkey TE-23
Donkey TE-23
WCR Electric Sprayer
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A machine that fits in perfectly with your working methods. Customised efficiency, convenience, safety and functionality. You make a machine like that together. You and Weterings Machinery!

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Weterings Machinery is a certified station for performing SKL and VA inspections. If you call us in time, it can be taken care of on the same day. Even at your location.

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A Weterings machine should always work. So we both build and maintain them. You don't even need to call for periodic checks. And for emergency service, we'll be right with you.

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