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Electric Hose Reels

With the Weri Compact Roller, Weterings proves that not all hose reels are created equal. A professional electric hose reel that has no equal. Reliable, indestructible and multifunctional. What makes it especially professional is that it does more than just roll up neatly. With its clever technology, the Weri Compact Roller, or WCR for short, makes many jobs easier and more efficient.

The WCR series / Definitely the smartest among the hose reels

Fully adjustable

You can use the WCR for a wide variety of tasks. Watering, cleaning, disinfecting, crop protection… Weterings offers a complete series of basic models that can be used in any direction. Moreover, there are quite a few options and customisation possibilities to make each WCR even more to your liking. A wider drum for a longer hose, a stronger magnetic coupling for even more power, a dosing pump with tank etc. etc.

Powerful electric motor with freewheel

The Weri Compact Roller is more than 'just' a hose reel. It is primarily made to make the work lighter and more efficient. The electric motor with magnetic coupling provides a so-called freewheel, allowing you to unwind the hose without resistance. Rolling up can be activated by remote control. Naturally, the WCR is equipped with an automatic hose guide as standard. Optionally, you can also choose a reel with the unique pendulum system. This ensures that the hose is fed straight in when it is rolled up so that it does not swing back and forth in the crop.

Smart investment

The Weri Compact Roller is not only smart because of its clever technology, it's also smartly built. By simply placing the electric motor in an upright position, the WCR is more compact than any other electric hose reel. Its smart, indestructible construction also ensures a high residual value, making the Weri Compact Roller a smart investment as well.

Who knows better how the WCR hose reel works than those who work with it?

Features WCR Slanghaspel

A few details in a row

If you opt for quality, reliability, indestructibility and the widest choice, then the Weri Compact Roller from Weterings is simply the smartest choice.

Wide range of basic models
Separate on wheels or behind spray cart
Multifunctional use
Automatic hose guide
Powerful electric motor with freewheel
Adjustable winding speed
Remote control with approx. 150-metre range
Optional: hose reel with unique pendulum system
Many customisation options

They choose the WCR

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Lugt Lisianthus
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Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

Please call us if you would like more customisation than our standard versions already offer

The Weri Compact Roller is distinguished by its wide range of basic models, which you can get started with right away. Or ask about the limitless customisation options.

WCR hose reels remote controlled
WCR hose reel battery driven
WCR Surface-mounted units
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A machine that fits in perfectly with your working methods. Customised efficiency, convenience, safety and functionality. You make a machine like that together. You and Weterings Machinery!

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