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Spray carts

Spray carts are among the 'original products' of Weterings. For about half a century, they have found their way all over the world. And during all that time, we have been able to tinker with them, together with you, to make them better and better. The results are impressive. Spray carts with which everything is thought of and everything is possible. Who says spray cart, says Weterings.

Spray Cart series / Built on 50 years of knowledge and experience

Broad ‘standard’ range

With the Spray Cart Series, Weterings offers you a wide range of electric spray carts to get you started right away. Making a choice is easy, because the differences are mainly in the reservoir, the pump set and the reel. For example, if you like it compact, a tub is often more convenient than a tank. If you are spraying with disinfectants or abrasives, the Hydra-Cell pump is the most suitable. And if you mainly want to spread water, we recommend a hose with a large diameter, and therefore also a larger reel.

Unique! Hose reel with pendulum system

What the various models have in common is that they all have a robust and extremely strong frame with a heavy-duty steering column. After all, a spray cart has to be able to take a beating. In addition, they all have a tank or tub with anti-whirl and anti-foam inlets. And they also offer you the widest possible choice of smart hose reels. A unique innovation by Weterings, for example, is the pendulum system. This ensures that the hose is fed straight in when it is wound up so that it does not swing back and forth in the crop.

Fully customisable

Do you want a spray cart that is fully adapted to your specific situation? At Weterings you can put it together entirely according to your wishes. Type of hose reel, tank volume, pump capacity… All conceivable combinations are possible. Your ideas or special wishes can almost always be realised. Extra hose connections, extra barrels, a special tiller head, swivel wheels instead of pneumatic tyres… Whoever says 'made to measure' says Weterings.

Who knows better how our spray carts work than those who work with it?

Spuitwagen met hydracell pomp

Fixed Hose Guidance

Features Spuitwagen

A few details in a row

Do you want to water, feed, protect, clean, disinfect, chalk or coat? Then Weterings Machinery has the best spray cart for that.

Solid steel frame with several layers of 2K spray paint
Comes standard with parking brake, external sight gauge, agitator injectors, stainless steel barrel cleaner and external suction filter
Polyester tank/tub fitted with anti-whirl and anti-foam inlets
The widest possible choice of smart electric hose reels (with e.g. adjustable roll-up speed and hose guidance)
Hose reel with unique pendulum system
Available fully by customer specification
Comes standard with VA quality mark and SKL certification

They choose the Spray Cart

Beekenkamp Plants
Fachjan Project Plants
Jansen Hibiscus
Rijk Zwaan
Syngenta Flowers
Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

Will you check if the ideal spray cart is already among them? Otherwise, we'll make it especially for you

The Spray Cart Series includes a wide range of electric spray carts to get you started right away. Do you want it even more ideal? At Weterings you can put it together entirely according to your wishes.

Spray carts 200 liter
Spray carts 300 liter
Spray carts 400 liter
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A machine that fits in perfectly with your working methods. Customised efficiency, convenience, safety and functionality. You make a machine like that together. You and Weterings Machinery!

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Testing & certification

Weterings Machinery is a certified station for performing SKL and VA inspections. If you call us in time, it can be taken care of on the same day. Even at your location.

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A Weterings machine should always work. So we both build and maintain them. You don't even need to call for periodic checks. And for emergency service, we'll be right with you.

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