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ANK Levelling Machines

Thanks to the ANK Leveller's quick-change system, you can turn your shovel, loading shovel or wheel loader into a multifunctional levelling machine in no time at all. You can use it to level, grade and compact. This makes them ideally suited for infrastructure work, such as the construction of roads, cycle paths and footpaths, concrete floors, rail tracks, etc. With the ANK Levellers from Weterings, it all goes perfectly and quickly.

The ANK Leveller series / The levellers that even the playing field

Unique techniques

Just about every part of Weterings' ANK Levellers is made to work fast. The rounding and the position of the front blade, the weight of the machine, the excellent balance… Everything is adjusted in such a way that the scraped-off soil starts rolling instead of sliding. This saves a considerable amount of time. In addition, ANK Levelers are equipped as standard with a hydraulically controlled sole plate, a unique technology that makes it possible to firmly compact the cultivated soil immediately.

Perfect scraping depth

The soleplate of the ANK Leveller owes its effectiveness primarily to the optimum size/weight ratio. This has taken years of work, both literally and figuratively. Optionally, the soleplate can be equipped with a height adjustment. This means that the machine can be used on any surface and the best and fastest scraping depth can always be set. An additional advantage: by raising the soleplate slightly, you can also compensate for the wear of the blades, making them last considerably longer.

Ready for 3D profiling

In addition to being adjustable, the soleplate is also flexible. In other words, the hydraulic cylinders can be operated separately, so that the soleplate can be set at any desired angle. This means that the ANK Leveller is fully prepared for 3D control techniques. The machine is in any case equipped with a laser control system that excels in accuracy and ease of use. Thanks in part to various optional extra features (such as reflection filter, tracer system and water level protection), levelling with the ANK Leveller is virtually a piece of cake.

A few details in a row

Weterings’ ANK Leveller is a collection of unique techniques that help in faster and better construction of roads, bicycle and walking paths, concrete floors, rail tracks etc.

Multifunctional (levelling, grading and compacting)
Advanced Sollido laser control
Highly accurate and user friendly
Equipped with high-quality hydraulics
Front blade with effective curve for faster levelling
Compatible with 3D control techniques, such as Trimble Total Station
Unique optional technologies, such as reflection filter, levelling protection and tracer system

They choose the ANK Leveller

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Note! Variable specifications apply. This machine is completely made to your wishes.

How multifunctional should your ANK Leveller be? Weterings knows exactly what you need

The many optional functions make the ANK Leveller even more multifunctional. A leveller with a round pusher, for example, can also be used as a powerful bulldozer.

ANK Leveler Light Series
ANK Leveler Light Series
ANK Leveler STD Series
ANK Leveler STD Series
ANK Leveler HDS Series
ANK Leveler HDS Series
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