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Crop rotation machines

The crop rotation is a hectic period for many growers. Fortunately, Weterings Machinery is happy to lend a hand. With smart and extremely strong machines that make the entire crop rotation process lighter, faster and safer. Weterings knows how things work in greenhouse horticulture.

Crop shredders

Above all, a crop shredder must be safe. At the Bio Choppers of Weterings, safety comes first. In addition, they are user-friendly, of high quality and extremely reliable. So it's not surprising that you'll find the Bio Chopper all over the world. In addition to a PTO version, there are various self-propelled models, which mainly differ in capacity and dimensions. There is also an all-electric version.

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Crop Clearing Machines

Crop clearing machines are an essential part of (greenhouse) horticulture. The undisputed market leader in this field is the Bio Hopper. A typical Weterings machine that excels in durability and safety. And it cleans out everything that needs to be cleared out: the most diverse crops, substrates, ground covers and plastics. The Bio Hopper is available in various basic models, which differ in terms of drive technology.

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Customisation wishes? read all about the extensive customisation options.


The Weterings Multi Roller is an indispensable tool in (greenhouse) horticulture. Both for growers and for demolishers and installers. You clean up everything that can be rolled up in a flash. Tarps, wires, hoses, films, screen cloths… And even tomato plants. There are two versions: the Multiroller Standard, for connection to an external power source. And the electric Multiroller Compact E, which works completely independently. Both versions can easily handle the heaviest work and can be expanded with various customisation options. Such as a rope reel for retracting new screen cloth.

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A simple device that saves you a lot of work. This is how you could describe the ACE-Roller from Weterings. Particularly in the greenhouse horticulture sector, it is a great source of labour reduction. Cables, wires, substrates, drainage hoses, foils, screen cloths… It rolls them up tightly for you and turns it into the smallest possible package. The slightly heavier ACE-Roller XL is ideally suited for extending and retracting AC films and screen cloths.

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The Weterings Horti Cleaner will make your greenhouse sparkling clean again. And it also excels in benefits. The unit is made of 316 stainless steel for an extra long life; it is universally applicable on all pipe rail systems; thanks to its clever lifting technique, it can be effortlessly put in place; its Honda petrol engine is super economical, so you can work all day without a care in the world; and last-but-not-least: the hose reel can accommodate no less than 250 metres of ¾ hose. In short, if the Horti Cleaner doesn't do the trick…

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Foliage forks

Need to spread foliage, crops and substrate quickly and efficiently? Then a Weterings foliage fork is the right choice for you. The large gripping opening of the top clamp allows you to 'prick up' a considerable volume in one go. This means you get the work done faster and there are fewer transport movements. Weterings offers you a wide range of basic models with any customisation wishes you may have. Supplied ready to use for your own tractor, wheel loader or forklift truck. And sprayed especially for you in any RAL colour.

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Transport canvasses and accessories

Weterings Transport Canvasses are extremely strong and made for years of use. They effortlessly absorb the tensile forces of the heaviest crop rotation machines. There are two types: black (150 gr/m2) and white (165 gr/m2). The black canvas is a specific crop rotation canvas. The white canvas was developed to lie under the crop all year round, as is the case with tomatoes and cucumbers. In combination with the Bio Hopper, cut leaves can be disposed of throughout the year.

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Fabric cleaners

Transport canvasses becomes soiled during cultivation or crop rotation. This leaves behind plant residues and juices that can contaminate the new crop with viruses and bacteria. Therefore, the canvasses should be cleaned thoroughly before reuse. With Weterings’ canvas cleaners, this will not be a problem. They are armed with nozzles, brushes and scrapers of all shapes and sizes. For a crop-safe result, a thorough approach is the only right one. That's why Weterings’ canvas cleaners can be optionally equipped with a disinfection unit for the safe & finishing touch.

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Super Twister

Clearing tomato plants goes even faster with the Super Twister. A binding machine specially designed to make one long strand from an entire row of tomato plants. With the Multi Roller, you can then easily pull it onto the concrete path. With the Super Twister you can easily bind and clear about 1000 square metres of tomato plants per hour. The standard version with its adjustable flange wheels is suitable for pipe rail systems from 425 mm to 600 mm wide. For systems up to 800 mm there is the Super Twister XL.

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Caterpillar Shredders

The Caterpillar Shredder from Weterings was originally an Amaryllis shredder. In ornamental plant cultivation, however, the machine was soon discovered as an all-purpose shredder. Roses, chrysanthemums, freesias, mother plants etc. etc. And why not. With its narrow tracks and high ground clearance, the machine can drive over just about any flower bed. In addition, the shredding height is adjustable, so that you can adjust it entirely to the crop. You can safely operate and control the Caterpillar Shredder with the supplied remote control.

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A machine that fits in perfectly with your working methods. Customised efficiency, convenience, safety and functionality. You make a machine like that together. You and Weterings Machinery!

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Testing & certification

Weterings Machinery is a certified station for performing SKL and VA inspections. If you call us in time, it can be taken care of on the same day. Even at your location.

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A Weterings machine should always work. So we both build and maintain them. You don't even need to call for periodic checks. And for emergency service, we'll be right with you.

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